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Before Starting
 DMAIC Project Plan
7 Tools Of Quality
 "Ishikawa Diagram " or "Cause and Effect Diagram " or "Fishbone Diagram "
 Scatter Diagrams
 Pareto Chart
 Control Charts
 Check Sheets
Statistical Tools
 1-Sample t-Test
 1-Way ANOVA
 2-Sample t-Test
 Binary Logistic Regression
 Chi Square-Test of Independence
 Homogeneity of Variance
 Kano Analysis
 Kruskal-Wallis Test
 Monte Carlo Analysis
 Multiple Regression
 Multi-Vari Chart
 Normal Probability Plot
 Normality Test
 Simple Linear Regression
 Stepwise Regression
 Sample Size Calculator
Control Charts
 Xbar-R Chart
 Xbar-S Chart
 "Shewhart individuals control chart " or "ImR chart " or "XmR chart "
 EWMA chart
 CUSUM chart
 Time series model
Data Gathering and Evaluation Tools
 Best Subsets
 CAP Includes/Excludes
 CAP Stakeholder Analysis
 Data Collection Plan
 Process Mapping
 Check Sheets
 Voice of the Customer
Other Tools
 Box Plot
 Box-Cox Transformation
 Capability Analysis
 Design Analysis Spreadsheet
 Design of Experiment (DOE)
 Design Scorecards
 Discrete Data Analysis Method
 Discrete Event Simulation (Process ModelTM)
 Dot Plot
 Balanced Scorecard
 Process Modeling
 Project Management
 Design for Six Sigma
 "5 Why Analyse " or "5 Why's "
 "Failure Mode and Effects Analysis " or "FMEA "
 Gage R & R-ANOVA Method
 Gage R & R-Short Method
 Matrix Plot
 Mistake Proofing
 Multi-Generational Product/Process Planning
 Out-of-the-Box Thinking
 Pugh Matrix
 Quality Function Deployment
 Risk Assessment
 Root Sum of Squares
 Six Sigma Process Report
 Six Sigma Product Report
 Tree Diagram
 Worst Case Analysis
Lean Tools
 Value Stream Mapping


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