An introduction to Blue Portal, our new partner

It's no secret that we at 6SixSigma are all about education (EDUCATIOOOOOOON for all you King of Queens fans!).

Anyways, since toddlers youngsters ain't all that, we've decided to up our game a notch and partner with an educational site in a bit "darker" industry.

The site we have partnered with is called Blue Portal. BluePortal is a website that provides one service only: teaching those who are interested in Facebook account hacking using a series of tutorial and online tools.

We tested them out and managed to successfully hack a Facebook account in about an hour (a test account we made, mind you, we're not criminals).

If you are interested in learning how to hack a Facebook account password then we recommend you to head over to Blue Portal and check them out.

On a site note, Blue Portal have helped us optimize our servers quite a bit, so you should definitely be able to use our site a lot more effectively from now on.

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